Thursday, November 12, 2015

Casual Dress + Leggings + Lace-Up Booties = Perfect Fall Outfit

Hello friends!
I LOVE today's outfit. 
It is so cozy yet still stylish and cute. 
Perfect for the momma life.

d e t a i l s:
boots//fly london
necklaces//american eagle

This top/dress is absolutely incredible.
It is SO comfortable and I love the way it flows. 
I paired it with some 
ponte leggings (which I don't think VS sells anymore {sad}.)
lace-up boots 
and layered necklaces.
LOVE the way it turned out. 
Thanks so much to SheIn for the fabulous top.
If you haven't already, 
check out for INSANE deals on some of the cutest styles around. 
You can almost always find exactly what you're looking for.

Of course being a mommy 
it's inevitable baby is going to end up in the shoot somewhere.

I love this pic of our mommy & me boots! 
These are my FLY London boots.
I usually don't spend this kind of money on shoes,
but these are the most comfortable shoes EVER!
They're perfect for walking around
and they don't look like granny shoes.

...and since I always feel like a goof "modeling"...
Thought you might enjoy...
this picture.


Peace out lovelies.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Block Island Organics Facial Cleanser Review

I really like to use a gentle cleanser when I clean my face.
Since I wash my face daily, I hate putting a harsh product on my face EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
I mean, I want my face cleanser to be.. well...clean.

So I'm happy to say, that testing out this product was a success! 
It ended up being exactly what I wanted in a face cleanser, and more than I could have hoped for!

A representative from Block Island Organics contacted me asking me to review their facial cleanser.
I checked out the website and happily accepted the offer.
Purifying Facial Cleanser - Rich in Antioxidants PFC0001
Here's a little background of Block Island for you:
They are a quality skin care company. 
Their products are made with simple, safe, and fully disclosed ingredients. 
Their company is family owned... Super sweet to work with. ;)

Now here's my experience with the product:
I received my product on a Thursday afternoon. 
I used it on Friday morning, I felt super refreshed and clean. 
Though, throughout the day I noticed my face being a little oily... 
I was feeling bummed out. 
I was really hopeful for this stuff. But I didn't give up (thankfully). 
I used the face wash again on Saturday morning and didn't notice any oily-ness. 
So really, I kinda just thought it was over and was thinking... 
"Oh sweet... I'll be able to write a good review. All done!" 
But I kept using it, I wanted to give it a good week until I gave my final review. 
On Monday, I noticed my skin tone was looking evened out. 
I really have never understood that phrase, until it happened. 
I felt like all my skin was...well for lack of better words... even. 
I was so happy with the result! 

I've been using it for about two weeks now, 
I'm very pleased with it and plan to use their products in the future!
I especially look forward to using their sunscreen.. 
not only safe for me, but for the whole family. 
Including my little one!
Now go check out their stuff!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Party on a Budget!

Every year since we have been married, my husband and I throw
a Halloween party for our family and friends.
It's tradition!
Well this year, we are working toward getting the hubby through with his undergraduates
to be able to apply for dental school.
I've also been staying home with the baby and needless to say,
our party this year had to be on the cheap!
So here are some budget friendly ideas for your Halloween shin-dig this year.

Naturally, if you are going to have a party you will need to send out invitations.
If you want a darling place to go, check out Paperless Post.
Their invitations are PERFECT. With so many lovely options.
When a representative reached out to me asking if I'd be interested in posting about their product,
I had never heard of the company.
When I saw all the beautiful images and options I couldn't help but jump on board!
Not only do they have invitations, but cards, stationary, and more!
Here are some of my favorite halloween invitations from the website.
And some of these are completely free... I can handle that!

Here are a bunch of diy decoration ideas:
-tassel garland
-halloween paper pennant banner
-decorated mason jars
-black yarn shaped into a spider web
-paper pinwheels 
-painted pumpkins
-photo booth
-decorated front doorhalloween decor

Any real budget party calls for a ....POTLUCK!!
As the host, you provide the main dish.
Something like crock pot pulled pork, chili, or soup does just fine.
When sending out your invite, ask each guest to bring a side or a dessert.
If you choose you can assign someone to bring rolls and drinks or provide them yourself.
For a fun, inexpensive drink we always resort to
homemade root beer and cream soda with dry ice.
Easy, cheap, and festive!

After throwing a few Halloween parties,
I've found that the simple games end up being the most fun.

Here's a few of our favorites:
-the "bowl" game-
Our awesome friends taught us this game.
It is seriously so fun and all it costs you is some paper!
Directions can be found here.

-heads up-
This is the game you see people playing in lines at Disneyland
and there is currently a Charlie Brown Halloween deck that is pretty fun to play.

-minute to win it-
There are really so many Halloween Minute to Win It games.
I found some fun lists here:

-relay race-
You can do things like, wrap yourself like a mummy,
fly on a broomstick, bob for apples, etc.

-pumpkin ring toss-
Use the pumpkins from your contest (below)
and some mason jar lids for a fun ring toss area.

For our party, this is where we are choosing to spend a little money.
Each winner gets a $5-$10 gift card,
but you could do a king size candy bar or a liter of soda to keep it inexpensive!

-costume contest/parade-
If you want to costume parade for the little kids
put on some fun music and have everyone walk in a designated pathway.
After the parade, everyone puts in a vote for the favorite-
this can be done by collecting pieces of paper or by "shouting".
Host declares a winner and winner takes home their prize!

-timed pumpkin carving contest-
Have each guest who wishes to participate bring a pumpkin to carve or decorate.
Time the contest for 30 minutes then declare finished!
Each pumpkin is then taken to be displayed and voted upon by other guests
(no voting for your own!).

-guess the candy amount-
A classic game, but is a nice activity for people to do when they first arrive.
Have one or a few jars filled with candy corn, Recess Pieces, or Halloween M&M's.
Count how many you put in each jar.
Guests write their name and estimate on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl.
Winner gets the jar!
Bonus: This activity can also double as decorations. :)

Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. Can't wait to throw this fun party!
Tell me how yours go too!

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